Hey there! My name is Donald. My mission is to make as many people happy as I can.

I attended Columbia University with a B.S. in Materials Science Engineering. I then spent three years at Stanford pursuing a Master’s degree in Design.

I attended a lifechanging small liberal arts college in Oregon prior to Columbia. My background is rooted in the axioms of physics (B.A. in Physics). I’ve done science research in quantum devices in Austria to flexible electronics in Japan and zero-carbon cement in New York. In the most recent years, I’ve designed and built a six kilometer water distribution system for water scarce communities in Morocco, impacting over 200 lives, and traveled through semi-arid regions and lush forests in India to conduct ethnographic research with farmers. My time abroad has informed me of the scale of the challenges we face as a collective global society.

I’m currently brewing my next iteration of impact. I’m most compelled to focus on designing interventions with humans and communities living in the growing urban mega-cities of developing countries. The future I envision is regenerative, equitable, and peaceful.

This webpage has been a home to my thoughts, reflections, and even some poetry over the years. Feel free to get in touch with me at ds3628@columbia.edu for any questions or comments!