Myriad of Options

Currently, I’m reading “Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics: The Science of the World Around Us” (2010) by the CMMP. I found this book through Professor Bigelow. In the first week of university, she lent me a 1997 book on CMMP. I then researched and eventually found a more updated version.

There are so many options that I could hone in on. Here is a brief list: energy, more efficient transistors, qubits in information technology, quantum computing, advancement of MgBr2 toward MRI, spin currents, and implications in biological systems.

What really intrigues me above all is this concept of constructing nature’s emergent phenomenons from carbon-based building blocks. I am so glad that Materials Science and sub-fields such as AMO physics are just starting to take off.

I recently read an article about civil and environmental engineering. This team of scientists made a portable toilet, which really visualized for me what an engineering product would look like. This is just a random thought that I would like to include.

To end, my goal for the next few weeks is to narrow my options by reading and refining my interests.