Accepted into a REU

I have always wanted to do something in the summer.

I remember being a freshman in high school, thinking about applying to programs or doing something radical in the summer. But each time, I either gave up halfway or didn’t get in.

Yesterday, I received an acceptance email to a REU program, sponsored by the NSF, at Kent State University to research Electrically Responsive Fibers with Dr. Antal Jakli. I was overjoyed.

At the time, I was in class, so I immediately got up, went out the door, straight to Professor Bigelow, the one who wrote my letter of recommendation, and told her the news. If she hadn’t believed in me, I doubt I would have applied to REU programs. I am still awaiting eight more decision results and will update as they come.

This acceptance marks the closure of a dream I had since the beginning of high school. Now it’s time to dream more.