REU Update - Louisiana

A week ago, I also received a REU offer from Louisiana State University. It was difficult making a decision between Kent State and LSU. In the end, I chose Louisiana primarily because of the program’s direct ties with materials science engineering. Furthermore, it’s in the South. I don’t think I will ever get an opportunity like this, so I just couldn’t pass this up.

Although I have accepted the offer, I will still need to choose a mentor. I have contacted a professor and will see if we match in terms of compatibility. Synthesizing and characterizing materials will be the basis of my research. Once the mentor is finalized, so will the project.

I am incredibly excited for this summer; spending eight hour days in the lab for ten weeks, visiting New Orleans, and making friends with other passionate students. Getting paid to research, learn, and grow is quite possibly the best thing ever. However, this does not mean I can slack off until the start of the program.

It was hard work that got me into this program, and it will be hard work that will guide me into the other aspects of my life. I am currently working on establishing a club and will definitely write a post on it once it is approved. My goal for the time between now and this program is to do the best in school and really focus on what is in front of me (the volunteer research I do here at Willamette).