New Regime

The only way I can get anywhere in life is through hard work, working when others aren’t working. I love school; learning differential equations, modern physics, art history, and anthropology. I am eternally grateful for this immense opportunity. But there is so much I want to do, so much I still need to do.

If I want to be an engineer capable of helping people, I must acquire the skills and knowledge. These things don’t simply come to you. It is through hard work that you attain them. Social entrepreneurship is the ultimate goal, my biggest dream, but for the next few years, engineering is what I wish to do.

To be an engineer, you must know 3D modeling and learn to use programs such as SolidWorks. Right now, I know almost nothing about engineering. I must change that. Inspired by a great friend I have, Master Aiswarya, I will embark on a quest to teach myself engineering from the ground up. And for the next few months, I will focus on learning SolidWorks, a program immensely important in what I want to do. Learning SolidWorks would mean iterative prototyping with a 3D printer. This skill will be invaluable as I get more into the world of engineering. Eventually I hope to be using this skill to create intermediate technology for those in need.

I recently read Mastering the Machine Revisited: Poverty, Aid, and Technology by Ian Smillie. What I want to do, has never become more complex. Creating products for developing countries is not so simple as creating a great piece of technology. So much is involved: culture, politics, and economics. So many factors, all aggregating to increasing complexity. I have a strange feeling though. I am not deterred by this increasing complexity. Rather, it is almost an invitation into a rich world of true living. A world in which I want to spend the large remainder of my life in.

Stay focused and start taking the beginning steps. Hard work, if anything, at least moves you forward. And forward is where you want to go.