No Subject

Thrashed around in an open sea. Calamity.

Life has been quite tough recently. There are a lot of upsides, positive things, but also a lot of difficulty. Last week was possibly one of the hardest weeks ever. There was a multitude of things crashing upon each other. Point is though, that I am here.

This semester, my classes have been quite demanding. I had predicted that this would be one of my hardest semesters yet. Last week, I had a Complex Variables and Quantum Mechanics exam. Furthermore, I had a TaB discussion meeting and obligations to friends visiting from Japan. (Take a Break [TaB] is a week long social justice spring break trip that I am co-leading.) I have also been applying to research programs and internships. Deadlines, places to go, obligations to keep, homework, and tests all compounded into a week full of stress and doubt. To add on, I realized just how scary driving can be.

I wanted to document this because this journey is not easy. Furthermore, life in general is not easy. There are going to be hard times along the way. Moments of intense doubt. The most important bit is believing you can pull through it all and that everything will be okay, that this is all part of the process.