Physical Design

Design Student @ Stanford University 2021-2023

I was a teaching assistant for the Product Realization Lab at Stanford University, where I helped hundreds of students each year realize their ideas. I also design physical and electronic products. My design approach is ever evolving - this is a short sample of the types of products I’ve worked on.

The Stack

A polyrhythmic beat machine. Create beats with a turn of a dial. Inspired by my interest in house music.

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The Retro Nixie

A retro inspired Soviet era Nixie Tube Clock. I’m currently working on a new iteration (includes a custom PCB) with my friend Rony Ballouz. table table table table table

CAD Work

A slideshow showing some CAD design work I’ve done. Work includes portable coffee canister, GoPro mounts, Japanese inspired coffee cup, manual grasper for arthroscopic surgery, and an injection molded electric scooter for kids. table

Focus Beam

A bright task light with an adjustable area of illumination on work surfaces. table table table table


The Cube

What if we made a giant cube? With 12 planks of wood, two friends (Harrison and Eli) and I set out to make a giant 7’ x 7’ cube. A spur of the moment activity, play for play’s sake. It has now become an interactive, iterative, co-creative icon of the Loft community. table table


I love working with wood. Between is a light sculpture made of local Californian redwood. Often lamps have a diffuser, allowing light to radiate outwards evenly. What if the empty space in-between was emphasized? The concept came after some journeys in steambending wood. Early concept was done in collaboration with Katie Han.

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